In a society where no one ever leaves home, there is a new way for people to experience the outside world.

Our trips will consist of physical experiences as the focus of your stay, in order for our customers to once again experience the ordinary. This includes activities such as outdoor swimming in your nearest pond, relaxing on a bench within a beautiful park and hiring a furry canine friend to be your companion in this surreal world.


Big Fish Small Pond

Experience a familiar past and swim amongst your local fish, in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

On our exclusive tour you will witness the wonders of the sea: fish, algae, rare treasures and other types of fish

This fascinating trip through history will uncover a world below the surface, where you may also encounter precious gems along the way.

Bench Adventures

Size up from the tiny chair in your claustrophobic home and get a front-row seat in your area’s most exclusive spot.

Explore your environment and take in the fresh air once again by relaxing on our beautiful hand crafted benches. This welcome change to quarantine life will allow you to visit local areas that were once a sign of vitality and community.

You can also purchase our custom selfie stick and recreate the famous scene from Forrest Gump!

Bath in the sun at home

Bench Adventures

Home is the new (and only) sanctuary. So what better way to use it to its full potential by bathing in the sun from your own pad!

city map with all benches:

Take a sunbath at home!

Why fly to the French Riviera when all you need is only a few metres away?! There’s no better feeling than experiencing a holiday from your own apartment and we’re here to ensure you do this the right way. Activities include tanning, games and spying on the tenants next door.

Your cat hogs this space for a reason, so make use of this prime spot to soak up all the vitamin D you can handle.

Only 99.99€

feel alone?
no more:

Hire our Robo Pup! No more feeling alone dont even have to pick up the poop!it’s not real, it wont defecate.

Robo-dog (good boy)

No more worrying about compulsory sanitising and people not keeping their distance around you. This is your opportunity to recapture that feeling of euphoria you once experienced so vividly on the dancefloor.

It doesn’t get more exclusive than this – only you’re invited!

Try our built in party generator for free!

Party time

party smart:

If there’s one thing for sure, the party can never be stopped. Introducing Party Smart, a service that generates your perfect event within the confines of a safe space.


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